Lauren Barnholdt (laurenbarnholdt) wrote,
Lauren Barnholdt

Girl Crush

The Boy is out for a little while with a friend, and I'm curled up on the couch with my laptop, working on revising FOUR TRUTHS AND A LIE, drinking vanilla coffee, and watching politics. (That's what we call election coverage in my house -- "politics." It's just a term we use to cover anything related to the election. "Let's watch politics!" we say sometimes. I know, that's very lame.)

Anyway, I want to confess that I think I have a little bit of a girl crush on Chelsea Clinton.

I just remember how mean the press was to her when her dad was president. She was so awkward, with frizzy hair and braces. Twelve is a horrible age to be in the public eye. We're the same age, and I was quite awkward myself, and I remember thinking how mean it was that they would make fun of her. Especially her hair, since mine was also pretty unruly.

PLUS have you SEEN the Gore girls? They're all blonde and skinny and modelesque. It was like a double whammy, having a vice president with such cute daughters. Sigh.

But now Chelsea is cute and smart and doesn't she have some kind of hot boyfriend or fiance?

Every time I catch a glimpse of her while watching politics, I get happy, like, "Oh, look how cute Chelsea is!" I actually say this. Out loud. Every single time. And then I realized this probably means I have a girl crush on her.

Anyone else want to confess their girl crushes?
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