Lauren Barnholdt (laurenbarnholdt) wrote,
Lauren Barnholdt

Devon Delaney Countdown = 18 Days!

Omg, you guys! (Ha, like that song from Legally Blonde the Musical, OHMIGOD YOU GUYS! If you have no idea what I’m talking about, you should totally youtube it.. I’m just saying, it’s catchy. Also, I’ve noticed that a huge percentage of my tweets start with “OMG” so I’m trying to remedy that. But I think I can get away with it on the blog. For now.)

Anyway, I didn’t blog yesterday! After promising I was going to.

But I had a good excuse, I swear! You see, yesterday I had to go for a MEDICAL PROCEDURE. I am capitalizing that not because it was major, but because I think all MEDICAL PROCEDURES should be capitalized, since a) they are scary and b) I hate them.

The procedure was in Connecticut (again, not because it was major, but because I hate MEDICAL PROCEDURES so much that I still go to my doctor in Connecticut because I am scared of everyone else.)

And guess what? When I got there, some laser thing was broken, and so do you know what they said? They said, “Oh, we lost this part on this thing here, but it’s okay, because we can do it by hand.” And so then I said, “Haha, that’s funny, so it will be better to come back another day?” And they said, “No, you are not getting out of this.”

They know me well.

It was horribly traumatizing.

I’m totally kidding, btw. That it was traumatizing, I mean. All that other stuff did really happen, with the by-hand procedure, etc. But it wasn’t that bad. And if you knew what I was talking about, you would laugh at me, because that’s how silly it is.

To celebrate my getting through such an ordeal, today I am giving away an ARC of THE HOLLOW by Jessica Verday.

Um, hello, do you not love that cover??? SO. GORGEOUS.

The rules for this one:

If you want to enter, link here, and then leave a comment telling me you did so.

I think I will let this one run through the long weekend, so I’ll announce the winner on Tuesday.

Also, the winner of a copy of Devon Delaney Should Totally Know Better is…….Andrea Perrin!! Andrea, please email me your address so I can send you your book.

Now I am going to go recover some more from my procedure, aka drink vanilla hazelnut coffee and work on SAMANTHA CARMICHAEL’S RULES FOR SECRET KEEPING.

More later,


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