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Lauren Barnholdt

Sparkly Gladiator Sandals (And The Winner)

I’m sitting at a table in a little corner of my sister’s college, waiting for her while she’s in her biology class. It’s early, about 7:57 in the morning, but I’ll have to post this later, since there’s no internet here. Well, there is, but I don’t have a login and password. I do, however, have a hazelnut coffee filled with cream and splenda, but it’s still too hot to drink.

I’m looking around, trying to pay attention to what kids are wearing, mostly because I feel like the guys in my book especially are always wearing the same kinds of clothes. But as kids pass by here, I realize that that’s mostly because, um, everyone kind of wears the same things. There are a lot of hoodies, a lot of t-shirts and jeans. (And for some reason, the last, like, five girls that walked by were wearing sparkly gladiator sandals. I wonder if it’s because it’s just one of the first nice days? Or are sparkly gladiator sandals all the rage? I guess both. Note to self: Get sparkly gladiator sandals. Other note to self: Do I even like sparkly gladiator sandals?)

When my sis gets out of class, we’ll meet up with my mom and my other sister for breakfast, and then I’m hoping that I can convince them to hit up Sephora. Usually I end up at Sephora with The Boy, which isn’t really the same as going to Sephora with, you know, girls. Although he tries to be a good sport about it. (ETA: We DID go to Sephora and it was really fun, although I tried this airbrush foundation stuff that I’d read about online and my whole face started turning red. It didn’t stop me, though, I just washed it off and moved on, then ended up spending way too much money.)

Right now, though, I’m getting back to work on the book I’m working on. I don’t think I’ve talked too much about it here, because it’s sooo early yet and the book doesn’t even have a title. But I will say that it’s about a semi-scandalous love triangle and BFFs and frenemies and lies and it has the same back-and-forth time jump that I used in TWO-WAY STREET. It will be out in Summer 2011 from Simon Pulse…

Wow, as I typed that I just realized that’s actually not even THAT far away. Like, a little over a year. So, um, I better get back to writing.

But first, the winner of a copy of DEVON DELANEY SHOULD TOTALLY KNOW BETTER is …..Nancye Davis! Please email me your address so I can send it out.

And come back here tomorrow for a TWO-WAY STREET giveaway, along with some info on what I have planned for when HAILEY TWITCH IS NOT A SNITCH comes out in a few more weeks!

More later,
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